Product Review: Dane-Elec my-Ditto NAS

This article was first published as, strangely enough,  Product Review: Dane-Elec myDitto NAS on Blogcritics… There’s a lot of noise these days around “cloud computing.” It seems like every company even vaguely related to computers has a cloud–something so, how about having your own personal cloud? Dane-Elec’s my-Ditto is a Network–Attached Storage product, a NAS, […]

Snowed by das Leopard?

Hello happy readers, Tomorrow is zero day for Apple’s 10.6 Snow Leopard and there are still many mainstream apps out there that may malfunction with the new OS…

Lock ’Em Down

Hallo hoppy reader, I was slogging through yet another white paper, someone else’s about HDDs to be precise, and something mentioned got me thinking about security. So this month’s Bitstream is about a secure OS, specifically Mac OS. Despite the Mac’s reputation for safety and security, the truth is somewhat off that center, though Snow […]