MacWorld 09 — Additional Stuff

Hello happy reader; Here at The Bitstream, it’s time for more stuff from MacWorld 2009 that I found interesting or useful…

MacWorld 09 — A Particular View

Hello happy reader, This time around, I’m writing about some of the stuff I found interesting at the show; storage, IT infrastructure, tools to aid creatives, and just plain fun stuff. Here we go… First up, The Omni Group had current versions of their apps at show special prices. I use their OmniOutliner and OmniGraffle […]

MacWorld SF Pass Time

Hello happy reader, Just a quick reminder to head over to the MacWorld expo site if you want a free pass to the show here at Moscone. They only give you a few weeks to get a free pass, then the US$25 price kicks in…If you’ll be in town for the show, lemme know, we […]

(Almost) No bones about it

Well, the rain has departed for a time and the temperature is creeping toward the 60’s. The sea has calmed, and the sunset is peach and blueberry sherbet…Which really does not put me in a mood to add one last (promise) MacWorld installment. :: This last go round wasn’t as rich a treasure trove of schwag […]

MacWorld SF08 — Pt. 1

Well, the rain has abated for a bit so, it was “safe” to head out of the house today for a walk. Oooh, scary kids. OK, on to the show… :: Let’s start with the sexy stuff, that way you can bail when I get around to the stuff only a geek could love. That […]