IDF2009 Pt. II

Hello again happy reader, This is your afternoon installment from IDF09. Specifically, the keynote from Sean Maloney and friends. The topic: Intel Architecture Innovates And Integrates


Hallo hoppy reader, It’s Tuesday and that means I’ve taken a bat turn to the left and landed at Moscone for another Intel Developer Forum. This first installment concern’s the show’s opening keynote, from Paul Otellini and associates. Paul’ theme: A Continuum of Computing

Today’s Monday…It Must Be Nehalem

Hello happy reader, Back in August, I wrote a bit about Intel’s IDF here at Moscone. There’s plenty of coverage out there about the then new Larrabee and Atom processors but, at Intel, nothing stands still for long. At the end of last month, the latest IDF in Taiwan played host to a demo of […]