Clone Wars Redux

Hello happy reader, Back in Jun of 2008, I blogged a bit here in the Bitstream about nouveau Mac clones. Well, the WSJ just reported that “Maker of Mac Clones Files for Bankruptcy.”

Today’s Monday…It Must Be Nehalem

Hello happy reader, Back in August, I wrote a bit about Intel’s IDF here at Moscone. There’s plenty of coverage out there about the then new Larrabee and Atom processors but, at Intel, nothing stands still for long. At the end of last month, the latest IDF in Taiwan played host to a demo of […]

IDF 08 Pt. 2

Hello happy reader, Well, after that nondescript lunch thang, a turkey sammy, cardboard–tainted sweet and pasta salad, I headed over to meet w/the PCI folks. I sat down with Al Yanes, president and chair of the 918 member PCI-SIG, who met w/me to discuss v3 of PCIe, the Peripheral Component Interconnect Express bus. Here’s what I came away with… The spec […]