Acoustical Anachronism

Jello happy reader, A recent posting in Gizmodo, carrying an inane headline, incited me to post. Now, I don’t expect insightful journalism either here at The Bitstream or from Gizmodo but, the piece was about a practical application of psychoacoustics and basic physics, so I decided to dive into this subject a bit as the […]

Paging Mr. Schroeder

Mr. Manfred Schroeder, you are wanted at the psychoacoustics desk…I was rummaging through old papers in prep for my annual taxing visit, when I can upon an old receipt. It was from Sound Concepts, a now defunct hifi company in Brookline Massachusetts. The item, purchased back on 09/22/81, was a low cost “schroderizer.” What the heck is a schroderizer? […]