Live Dangerously: AIT EOL’d

Buried on Sony’s web site is the final death knell for the AIT data tape format. The declaration…specifies the format’s End of Life for the close of March 2010.

DAT320: Zombie Format Surfaces in Frankfurt

It’s official: The DAT format isn’t dead yet. It’s still shuffling around, attempting to find a place at the backup table. Trouble is, more capacious and sweeter smelling formats have taken all the seats. This past week, Tandberg Data was previewing the latest generation of the DAT digital data format at the SNW Europe 2009 […]

DVD is Dead…

Hello Gentle Reader…You may have heard that, last Tuesday, Toshiba announced it bowed to its lameness, er, to market pressure and discontinued support for the HD DVD format. Just now, as I write this on Thursday, the Toshiba America web site still has the title “Laptops, HDTVs, HD DVD Players, Medical Imaging & More…” Looks like not […]