IDF09, A New Day

Hallo hoppy readers, Yesterday, I attended a HP session on changes to data center design and management. There have been some interesting changes since I last looked at the problem at the Uptime Institute. This morning, IDF started the first keynote with Deborah Conrad. She debuted a new 15 sec. TV spot, part of the […]

Dirty Little Secret

Hallo hoppy reader, I was at the latest Dr. Lance show yesterday, specifically the Flash Memory Summit, and this installment of The Bitstream is about security, or lack thereof, and SSDs.

MemCon 08 Pt. 2

More from Session 1:  OS Optimization: This year the first Solid State Drives or SSDs appeared in end user applications. For many years, DRAM–based SSDs have been in use in enterprise computing where the insane cost and Soviet-era form factor was outweighed by their almost zero latency, incredible access times and sustained data rates. The new […]

MemCon 08 Pt. 1

My notes from Denali Software’s MemCon08, 07-24-08 We all are familiar with dynamic RAM on computer motherboards but most of this conference was concerned with NAND–based flash memory products. NAND storage is widespread in the form of “flash drives,” those little products that have completely replaced small capacity, highly portable sneakernet stuff, along with CompactFlash […]