Hey there, happy reader… This Bitstream installment is a result of the ZigBee® Alliance’s announced development of the ZigBee Green Power feature set to establish global, standards for self–powered devices operating through energy harvesting techniques. Think symbioses: a close association, usually a mutually beneficial relationship, between two dissimilar organisms. That about sez it all for me when […]


Hallo hoppy reader, Back in April of last year, I posted a Bitstream item about UWB. A UWB press release just came across my desk that I thought I’d share…The ZigBee Alliance and the RF4CE Consortium have agreed to standardize a spec for RF–based, specifically UWB, remote controls for consumer electronics. The main improvement would […]


Hello, happy reader…For this entry, I wanted to update y’all on the current state of UWB as it applies to USB. Enough TLAs for you? :: OK, we all know about USB, the bus spec designed to replace PS-2 and other old school serial protocols for peripherals. So as to increase the amount of radio […]